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The Lauren Dailey is a platform for conscious coaches, ambitious soulpreneurs and creative entrepreneurs who are looking for more in their lives. It is for the unconventional and off-beat, those who are ready to jump out of the norm to pursue the less taken path. They are ready to live in abundance, flow and prosperity while uplifting the consciousness of the planet by sharing their gifts with the world. They know and feel deep inside their souls that they were made for more! 


I believe with a little guidance, anyone is able to live their dream life. Before this beautiful, world-traveling entrepreneurial and spiritual life that I now lead, I was leading a life that I was told I was “supposed to”, as many of us often do. I went to college, graduated in the top 10 in my class in finance, and went to a big city to work at a well-known company for my first job. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Let’s look a little deeper...

During that time, I was diagnosed with “seasonal depression” because I just felt off. Was it the lack of sun in San Francisco? The new city? The job? Or a mix of everything? After two long years, I left to move to LA with a new job at a startup that seemed more aligned to my path. However, during this time, I felt just as low… like my soul was craving for the quench it needed - a path of freedom, flow, and surrender to love.

So, I quit that job with no *real* plan other than to blog full-time and see where things led me. I listened to my intuition and took the steps of following the innermost desires of my heart. I was open and ready to receive anything the Universe put along my path. I ended up coming into contact with several coaches (business, spiritual, and more) who I invested in to further my journey… But I ended up burnt-out, overworked and felt that same feeling I had felt at my previous jobs. What was I missing here? I had followed my heart so I should be supported, right?

Then, something happened that completely changed the trajectory of my journey thus far. I got on a call that was supposed to be a sales call with a potential client and what I thought was going to be another sale turned into the Universe smacking me in the face with what felt like a large rock to the head. The client was a psychic and read through my motivations and saw all of my blocks. I felt like a naked baby on the ground and had to let my guard down. My motivations for “helping others” as a coach were just a mask my ego was trying to portray to achieve more money and success to prove to myself and others that I was worthy. I was ignoring natural spiritual transformation for fear of worthiness to myself and others. How’s that for a confession...

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve learned that the only thing you can and should truly follow is your own internal compass - your intuition, the fire in your heart, the light that is made up of Source. It is your guide, and others are just there to help assist in that journey. It is up to YOU and only you to choose the path of healing and surrender that will lead to a greater freedom and bliss than you’ve ever felt. 

I’m Lauren Dailey, an International Intuitive Business and Soul Coach who helps visionary coaches and ambitious soulpreneurs use the power of their intuition along with practical strategy to grow online businesses that are changing the world. I am honored to assist you on this journey of personal and spiritual growth so you can step into your fullest being - your Highest Self - in this lifetime. 


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- Trained with internationally renowned Shamans who work with presidents and other major country leaders around the world
- Interviewed with top podcasts in business, spirituality and lifestyle
- Been featured on major publications such as Buzzfeed, Voyage LA and Medium
- Partnered with multi-million dollar brands
- Helped dozens of entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose and create six-figure businesses online
- Traveled worldwide while running an international business

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Into The Mystic by Van Morrison

Almost30 Podcast by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik 

Peanut butter. By the spoonfuls... since I was a little teeny bopper I would want PB & J sandwiches over every kind. Still do. 

Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the summer. I've been going there since I was a kid and still do with my family every Father's Day. It's a magical place filled with farms and green meadows as far as the eye can see. 

I meditate every morning for 1 hour, write my intentions for the day, and ecstatic dance to my "Morning Shine" playlist. It helps keep me grounded, living in the present, and frankly, ON FIRE. 


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