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A 90 Day Business Intensive Group Mentorship Program: Create and grow a highly profitable coaching business through online marketing with other CONSCIOUS creators. 

Are you ready to create the dream life you’ve been waiting for alongside other dream-makers?


let me guess ...

It’s time to turn your passion into a prosperous + Portable business. 

You feel there is a deeper calling for you to raise the vibration of the planet

You are on the freelance 'hustle-wheel' with a 1:1 clients or selling someone else's goods

You lack the systems to grow your social media and attract more of your soulmate clients 

You've taken a bunch of online courses but can't seem to put the systems together to scale

You are looking for more flow, prosperity and abundance in your life

That's right, you can have it all.

are you ready to ...

Become an influencer in your field by growing a high-quality audience on social media

Get leads on a consistent basis from systems that run without you

Make sustainable five-figure months with flow, meaning working less and making more

Be in service to people that DEEPLY need your expertise

I am Lauren Dailey. A lover of vegan food, a good hike in the mountains, and all things woo-woo. The best part of my everyday is I get to help turn hustlers + dreamers (YOU) into highly successful business owners + soulful light leaders (FUTURE YOU). 

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes. I was a hustling entrepreneur, taking on 1:1 clients, blogging on the side. I was making $5-10k a month, but something was missing. I had a deep, burning desire to serve in a greater way. I wanted to be able to afford to travel whenever and wherever I wanted. I no longer wanted to work for anyone but myself. But I had no idea how to get there and lacked the systems to make it happen.

Fast forward a bunch of online courses and hiring my own coach later... I make more than I did in an entire year at my corporate job in 1 month and I get to live life on my own terms. And the best part is… I’m serving you all and the planet. And now I get to teach you how to do the same. YAY!

but first,

LET'S GET to know each other.


- Define and learn how to attract your soulmate clients
- Position yourself to attract them as the authority + leader
- Refine your brand + aesthetics

- Learn how to implement a successful SEO and passive income strategy
- Define your high-ticket (over $1k) signature offer and price it accordingly

- Properly conduct a soulful sales call
- Reach out to/follow up with leads
- Implement a high-ticket sales process


- Know what types of content converts followers into clients
- Learn the BTS for creating + editing beautiful content
- Learn process for spending less time on social media but earning more

- Lead magnet creation
- Construct email sequence
- Organic Instagram growth strategy
- Paid Facebook strategy
- Organic Pinterest strategy

- How and when to hire employees



Weekly GROUP CALLS with me and other dream-makers


weekly chakra activation videos to align your energy

weekly journal prompts to assist in finding your energy blockages

gene keys training to find your core talent

Instant message support

Video + worksheet trainings 

In the Passion to Prosperity Business Academy, I teach my 6 Step Proven Methodology to build + grow a successful, energetically balanced, online coaching business.

By the end of this course, you will have a strategic system in place to take your mindset + business to the next level and begin living the life you really want to live - one of more freedom, flow, prosperity and LOVE. 


The 6 Step Methodology


This course IS for you if ...

Business and energy go hand in hand.

Ever avoided being vulnerable because of fear of what other people would think of you? Ever tried to hold space for another with an empty cup? These scenarios can happen if we are "blocked" in certain chakras, or energy centers. We need to look deeper inside ourselves to heal and clear stagnant energies that could be limiting our potential to make the biggest impact. One without the other just won't work. We will work together to uncover these and work through your mindset to make sure your energy is aligned and ready for service.

You are a coach or online entrepreneur

You are ready to scale your coaching business to multiple five-figure months

You want to make a massive impact on people + the planet

You need more support than online courses 

You want to take HUGE action and let go of any limiting beliefs you may have 

You want to travel the world and step into a business that allows for flexibility and flow

This course is NOT for you IF ...


You aren’t sure what your service-based business is 

You aren’t at a place to invest in your business

You want to lay low and watch others take action

You don’t want to step into the leader you are meant to be

You aren't going to take the time to evolve yourself and your business  

You were meant for more.

At the end of this course you will have ...

A high-ticket signature program

A successful blog to promote your signature program

Strategies for energetic mastery to scale your business

Business + social media systems for consistent lead generation + booking out your program

Connections with other conscious entrepreneurs that will last a lifetime

Here's what my clients are saying...

"I think P2P is a great course for learning the basics AND some advanced topics. If you have something you want to share with the world, this system will set you up to begin that journey!

I really enjoyed the mindset aspect of the program. It wasn't something I originally deemed very valuable, but boy was I wrong! It's so important to mentally prepare yourself for starting a business!! Even if you don't think the mindset or meditation aspects are for you, trust in the process.

I also really enjoyed the group calls. It felt like such a special place to go through a very vulnerable process with a group of people. I enjoyed hearing the wins and struggles of my classmates and being able to share what we were all going through. Do everything that Lauren asks, because if you fully trust in her process, you will find success!"

-Rachel, Influencer & Marketing Mentor, www.racheljanemacauley.com

"I received ALOT in P2P. I learned how to better set up my business so that there was clarity with my potential customers on what I was offering to them. I learned to become more confident in my abilities to get results and attract people into my program. I learned step by step actionable ways to improve my marketing through ads, funnels, wording on my sales pages, branding, and more. I already had a program, but I made 2.5X more money from the launch after implementing Lauren's techniques and mindset shifts.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is wanting offer a service through creating a course. Lauren walks you though the process step by step, from branding all the way to the complicated process of creating marketing that works for you. And Lauren really does work with you to find what works best for you and your business. She goes into details with you, checks your work, gives you personalized feedback, and gets you results.

I feel better about my ability to make money doing what I love and offer my gifts to the world from working with Lauren. She is not only a powerful business woman, but has a heart of gold and wants what's best for her clients, as well as her clients' clients. She's making the world a better place through this program. I'm so grateful to Lauren and this course."

-Melissa, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, www.melissamoffet.com

"I had no clue I had SO much more to work on in the mindset arena...this program truly helped me to grow so much internally-which has helped me both in my business, but more importantly life.

I would absolutely recommend this program - I think anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur needs this class."

-Abbey Taylor, MLM Business & Life Coach




Are payment plans available?

Do I get access to the course materials after it is finished?

Do you issue refunds?

i am not a coach, will this program work for me?

This program is primarily focused on building and scaling your own coaching business through a signature offer or course. However, it will teach you the systems to grow a business whether you are a blogger, coach, or online entrepreneur!

Yes, you will get access to the course materials for life!

I do not offer refunds - if you completed all the modules and truly did your best in this program, you will get results. 

Yes, payment plans are available.

Not too long ago, I was in the freelance hustle wheel wondering how other entrepreneurs were able to make such a HUGE impact and income online. When I decided to leave it all behind, I took the big risk, and it’s resulted in a bigger reward- being able to teach others that there’s more to your business, to life and to YOU than you’ve ever imagined possible. 

Investing in myself was the best decision I have made and it HANDS DOWN was the main reason I am where I am now. I am here for you throughout this entrepreneurial process! I see you and I hear you! It is my duty to help you achieve and live the life you want to, with purpose, passion, and profit. I won't let you fall. So excited for you on your journey to LOVE your business, life and yourself along the way. To all your success! 

Not too long ago ...


let's do this thang



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