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A 6 Month Business & Mindset Group Mentorship Program for Female Entrepreneurs:

Scale your highly profitable coaching business by learning how to implement mindset magic, subconscious reprogramming and practical online marketing alongside other spiritual entrepreneurs. 

Are you ready to create the dream life you’ve been waiting for with a powerful tribe of like-minded souls looking to make an impact on the world?

As Seen In: 

let me guess ...


It's time to take your business + LIfe to the next level. 

You feel there is a deeper calling for you to raise the vibration of the planet

You are on the 'hustle-wheel' making four to five figures a month and looking for a tangible and proven way to scale to the next level in your business

You are tired of working IN your business and want to start working ON your business as a visionary CEO

You lack the systems to grow your email list and social media to attract more of your soulmate clients on a consistent basis

You've taken a bunch of online courses but can't seem to put the systems together to get your dream clients to come to YOU

You have dabbled in spiritual techniques and are interested in learning ways to awaken your genetic codes dormant in your DNA and gain clarity in your life’s purpose

You are looking for more flow, prosperity and abundance in your life

That's right, you can have it all.

are you ready to ...

Grow to multiple five figure months consistently and without burnout, working less but making more

Go all in into your spiritual evolution and step into your highest self and destiny in this lifetime

Become a leader in your field by growing a high-quality audience on social media who actually engage and buy from you

Implement proven and effective systems for consistent client lead generation

Be in service to people that DEEPLY need your expertise through an online course or coaching programs

Assist in Gaia’s ascension into a new way of living harmoniously on this planet

I am Lauren Dailey. A lover of vegan food, a good hike in the mountains, and all things personal and spiritual development. The best part of my everyday is I get to help light leaders (YOU) grow highly successful businesses and make a huge impact on our planet.

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes. I was a hustling entrepreneur, taking on 1:1 clients, blogging and doing freelance gigs on the side... and  something was missing. I had a deep, burning desire to serve in a greater way *cue spiritual awakening*... I wanted to be able to afford to travel whenever and wherever I wanted. I no longer wanted to work for anyone but myself. And most of all, I wanted to find my purpose in this lifetime and devote my life to service. But I had no idea how to get there, lacked the business systems to make it happen, and the spiritual tools to catapult my life to the next level.

One thing I did have was my willingness to take chances on myself and make investments that I knew would bring a return and bring me JOY. And that changed everything.

Fast forward through a couple years of trial and error, a bunch of online courses and hiring my own life-transforming coaches later... I make more than I did in an entire year at my corporate job in 1 month and I get to live life on my own terms, traveling the world with my fiancé. And the best part is… I’m serving you and the planet. Now I get to teach you how to do the same for yourself too…

but first,

LET'S GET to know each other.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to invite you to apply for a Complimentary Discovery Session


I am committed to walking my talk...

In the past 2 years, I've...

Trained with internationally renowned Shamans who work with presidents and other major country leaders around the world

Interviewed with top podcasts in business, spirituality and lifestyle

Been featured on major publications such as Buzzfeed, Voyage LA and Medium

Partnered with multi-million dollar brands to scale their business

Helped dozens of entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose and create six-figure businesses online

Traveled worldwide while running an international business

STEP 1: Planning Your Prosperity

STEP 2: Developing “Shine” Rituals

STEP 3: Manifestation, Mindset + Money Magic

STEP 4: Productivity for Abundance

STEP 5: Client-Attraction Branding

STEP 6: Calling Soulmate Clients to You

STEP 7: Aligned Income Strategies + Offers

STEP 8: Mastering Soulful Sales

STEP 9: Organic Content Creation that Converts

STEP 10: Content Planning to Avoid Burnout

STEP 11: Skyrocket Growth with Systems

STEP 12: Scale with a Team




1:1 breakthrough strategy session at the beginning of program where you’ll learn the exact step by step proven and personalized strategy to help you create success in your first few months in the program


Live calls and weekly Q+A with other entrepreneurs in the Academy


Over 100 videos and worksheets in the members area


Private online community with instant message support from Lauren and other P2P students 


Access to 1 Signature Rebirth Retreat at exclusive early bird rate


In member’s area from other high-level coaches and healers

In the P2P Business & Mindset Academy, I teach my 12 Step Prosperity Method to show you how to reprogram your subconscious, master your mindset and scale your online coaching business.

By the end of this course, you will have a strategic and soulful system in place to take your mindset + business to the next level and begin living the life you really want to live - one of more freedom, flow, prosperity and LOVE. 


The Prosperity Method

This course IS for you if ...

You are a coach or online entrepreneur making 4 to 5 figures per month

You are ready to grow your coaching business to multiple five-figure months

You want to make a massive impact on people + the planet

You need more support than online courses and thrive off community energy

You want to take HUGE action and dive deep into fears that may be holding you make from living in alignment with your highest self in this lifetime

You want to travel the world (or stay at home in your pj’s… no judgement) and step into a business that allows for flexibility and flow

This course is NOT for you IF ...

You aren’t sure what your business is 

You aren’t at a place to invest in your business

You want to lay low, “play small” and watch others take action on a life you could be living

You don’t want to step into the leader you are meant to be

You aren't going to take the time to evolve yourself and your business

Here's what my clients are saying...

"In the P2P Academy, I was able to double the price of my program and generate my first five figure month, which was just shy of $30,000… that was a big achievement for me in my business. I am now able to serve 10 clients in the same time I was able to serve 1, which is amazing! If you are looking for better ways to serve your clients and more systems to support it on the backend, this is a great program for you. Lauren is amazing to work with and you are guaranteed to be successful and get a ton out of her program. Thank you, Lauren!!"

-Heather, Online Business Mentor, www.heatherlynnbee.com

"I received ALOT in P2P. I learned step by step actionable ways to improve my marketing through ads, funnels, wording on my sales pages, branding, and more. I already had a program, but I made 2.5X more money from the launch ($15,000) after implementing Lauren's techniques and mindset shifts. Lauren really does work with you to find what works best for you and your business.

I feel better about my ability to make money doing what I love and offer my gifts to the world from working with Lauren. She is not only a powerful business woman, but has a heart of gold and wants what's best for her clients, as well as her clients' clients. She's making the world a better place through this program. I'm so grateful to Lauren and this course."

-Melissa, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, www.melissamoffet.com

*update: "P2P made the lifestyle I was dreaming of come true. I move[d] to my dream town, I invest[ed] more in myself and my business, and I actually started trusting the process of building a business... I've had multiple five figure months after taking P2P... If you feel the call in your heart for this program, you have to sign up. It will change your work, your life, and the lives of your clients!"

"I quit my 9-5 job and go full time with my coaching... that was definitely the most impactful thing that happened during the program. I also made tons of friendships in the group. I dove fully into this with no hesitation... and this program laid the groundwork to have peace, power, and alignment in my business.

I would recommend this program 100%. If you are looking for the foundation of your business, if you are looking to learn the correct way to do these these things so you don't have to band-aid later, I would highly recommend Lauren's program... It's phenomenal."

-Lindsay of Our & Are, Spiritual Wellness Mentor, www.ourandare.com

"P2P is a great course for learning advanced business + mindset topics. If you have something you want to share with the world, this system will set you up for that journey! 

I also really enjoyed the group calls. It felt like such a special place to go through a very vulnerable process with a group of people. I enjoyed hearing the wins and struggles of my classmates and being able to share what we were all going through.

Do everything that Lauren asks, because if you fully trust in her process, you will find success!"

-Rachel, Marketing Mentor, www.racheljanemacauley.com

And a few more results...


One Time Payment

3 Monthly Installments

6 Monthly Installments

$10,000 USD

$4,000 USD

$2,500 USD


*a portion of proceeds give back to global reforestation and suicide prevention projects.




Are payment plans available?

Do I get access to the course materials after it is finished?

Do you issue refunds?

i am not a coach, will this program work for me?

This program is primarily focused on scaling your own coaching business through online coaching and courses and powerful mindset.

Yes, you will get access to the course materials for life!

I do not offer refunds - if you completed all the modules and truly did your best in this program, you will get results. 

Yes, payment plans are available, please see above for the program investment. 

Still have questions?

I am committed to helping 100,000 women use the power of their mind, body and spirit to reach their highest potential by the year 2021.

Not too long ago, I went from 9-5 to the freelance hustle wheel wondering how other entrepreneurs were able to make such a HUGE impact and income online. When I decided to leave it all behind, I took the big risk, and it’s resulted in a bigger reward- being able to teach others that there’s more to your business, to life and to YOU than you’ve ever imagined possible. 

It is my duty to help you achieve and live the life you want to, with purpose, passion, and highly aligned profit. So excited for you on your journey to LOVE your business, life and yourself along the way. To all your success! 

I am committed to you ...


let's do this thang



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